What a Good Logo Does For a Brand

This is the signature of the advertisement. The inclusion of the company’s name and address is not always important hence the logo or a specially designed image of the brand or the company can replace that. The popular logos of Tata, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Star TV network, etc are a good example.

The logo goes on to make the Corporate Identity i.e. what does the company or the brand stands for?

A Corporate Identity is important because:

  • Gives an image to the company and the brand in question.
  • Gives a sense of pride to the employees.
  • Attracts the talented people to the company.
  • Positive influence on the ‘publics’ of the company.
  • Audiences think of the company as per the desired image.
  • Reduces the cost of communication by standardizing the system.

Few examples of good logos are –

Wipro: Sunflower with five colors of rainbow. Wipro name is beneath it, followed by a phrase, ‘Applying Thought.’

Tata: It is solidity. The image is that of the letter ‘T’ and seems to engulfing the entire world.

Coca Cola: It is the complete name with a wave like image. Care free white surf across the bottle with red background.

Amazon.com $50 Gift Card (0109)Amazon: A really ideal log for a company that sells everything from A to Z, highlighted by the arrow from a to Z below the name of the company!ir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B001H53QDK

A logo is the image your business portrays. It sets the potential clients position and interpretation of your company. With that in mind, look around you right now, and count how many logos you see. Look at your computer screen, mouse, radio, bath towels, T-shirt, shoes, clothing tags, even your toothbrush and hairbrush. Every distinct image reminds you of a product or service.

Next time your driving home from work, or are in a bus, notice how our world is painted with logos and images of existing entities which remind us of their products or services.

Distinct Identity

The good logos are the ones you remember because they’ve made an impression. They stand out in a crowd infested with products, such as a supermarket, where there can be up to 40,000 different logos and packages. The impact of a logo can be so powerful, it often means the difference between the success of your business or that of your competitor.

Small Business Challenge

Small businesses today face the ultimate challenge to create a long lasting solid first impression. Key issues in establishing corporate identity for a starting or small business rest in establishing goals, business plans and image. But most tend to sway away or forget that the first realization of your business is brought upon by the company logo. This important consideration in creating a corporate identity will enable the small business birth an existence in its field of choice and will show others that the company cares about its image.

You should remember what the logo does for the company.

  • The difference and distinction aid recognition.
  • Ownership logically follows.
  • There is pride in ownership.
  • Corporate signature reinforces the pride of the company.
  • It represents the personality of the company and its products.

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