The seven C’s Effective Communication

After planning steps in communicating the message have been complete we have to consider specific writing principles to help us choose right words syntax and sentences for our letter report memonorandums etc.

  1. Correctness

  2. Conciseness

  3. Clarity

  4. Completeness

  5. Concreteness

  6. Consideration

  7. Courtesy

  1. Correctness:-

To be correct in communication the following principles should be borne in mind.

  1. Use the correct level of language

  2. Include only facts words and figures

  3. Maintain acceptable writing mechanics

  4. Apply the following qualities

  5. There should be proper grammar punctuation spelling and paragraphing

  1. Conciseness:-

Business exectives are dead-busy. They don’t have time to go through unnecessarily lengthy messages. The writer is also a loser if he writes wordy messages because it involves more time and money to type and read. Conciseness makes the message more understandable and comprehensible

  1. Eliminate wordy Expressions.

  2. Include only relevant material.

  3. Avoided unnecessary Repetition.

  1. Clarity:-

Clarity demands that the business message should be correct concise complete concrete and with consideration

  1. Use the right level of language

  2. Proper punctuation make the writing clear

  3. Check Accurey of fact figure & Words

  1. Completeness:-

The message should be complete to bring desirable results. It should include everything the reader needs for the reaction you desire. You must know what information our reader wants or needs You should be able to know the reader’s background viewpoint needs attitudes and emotions.

  1. Provide all necessary information.

  2. Answer all questions asked.

  3. Give something Extra, when Desirable.

  1. Concreteness:-

The business writing should be specific definite unambiguous and vivid rather than vague and general The following guidelines lead to concreateness.

  1. Use specific facts and figures

  2. Put action in your verb

  3. Choose vivid image building words.

  1. Consideration:-

Consideration refers to you attitude sympathy the human touch and understanding of human nature. Consideration means the message with the receiver in mind. You should try to visualize your readers their desires problems emotions circumstances and possible reaction to your request.

  1. Focus on you instead I & We

  2. Show reader benefit or interest in reader

  3. Emphasize

  1. Courtesy:-

Courtesy is more important and advantageous in business writing than it is in face to face communication or conversation. Courteous message strengthen present relations and make new friends. It is a goodwill building.

  1. Answer your mail promptly

  2. Be sincerely tactful thoughtful and appreciative

  3. Use expressions that show respect

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  1. yeah thats right. those are the 7 C’s of com.

  2. learn also about 9C’s

  3. please give brief defination of seven c’s of business communication

  4. these are too short i think these should be extensive

  5. these are too short i think these should be extensive

  6. there should b some examples as well

  7. there should be some example & extensive


  9. thanks alot for tell me about 7 c’s.

  10. Ayesha, if you think it is short you can add up more details

  11. Dear Ayesha, no its a All composition of Business communication.
    in short term its a short summery of 7cs.

  12. absolutely right defination

  13. Dr.Vishaal Bhat | September 3, 2010 at 10:32 am | Reply

    @ el4christ : Thank you for your Vote of Confidence.
    @ sirsohail: 9 c’s?? Could you elaborate.
    @ Zeeshan: You can make a short definition to include all 7 points above.

    @ ayesha: These are just notes. You have to elaborate the points yourself 🙂

    @Hassan: Examples are different for different people. They can be found in books.

    @King: These are just notes. You have to elaborate the points yourself :); Examples are different for different people. They can be found in books.

    @ Zafar, Waqar & Shreya: Thank you for the vote of confidence and dropping by.

    @ sardar and Umair: Agree with you guys.

  14. there shud be sum examples as well

  15. my name Muharamali, plz give a examples of 7cs business communication and how we can say this paragraph is include of factor of 7cs

  16. thanks 4 the best 7 c’s


  18. please elaborate the points….

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  20. good writing

  21. that’s great but i think its not complete definition.

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  24. nice written ! but i need at least 3 examples of each “C”. if some 1 help me out with this problem.

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