9 Essentials of a Good Ad Layout

The parts of an advertisement include a copy, visualization, headline and message. So how we should integrate the above in the advertisement? This is done through layout. Which is basically arranging the various elements of an advertisement to give it an essence. The following are the ingredients of a good layout.

1. Background: Could have picture, tiles, blocks, and graphics but should not overshadow the foreground.
2. Border: Is the frame of the advertisement. Could be,

  • Heavy
  • Light
  • Obvious
  • Unobtrusive
  • Plain
  • Fanciful
  • Useful
  • Useless

The practice you must know is the elimination of border in today’s context. Except when you have to present a key point, or a sales pitch then it could be used.

3. Heading: This is the title of the ad. Should be short, but could be four, five or even six decked. Words in the heading should be short and verbs should be used to attract attention.

4.Illustration: It is the dominating picture in the ad. It could be the product itself or a model. Large pictures are preferred than small ones but it is not a hard and fast rule. Small pictures are to make the copy comfortable. The main picture tries to position the picture. It can attract the right target audience by showing the right picture. People showing the product could be a better picture than the product itself. The illustration should show the benefit offered by the product.

5. Caption: Used to describe the sub-title. It tells the story quickly, clearly and decisively. Sometimes difficult to locate. But it is an important part of the layout.

Supershop like the Coupon Queen: How to Save 50% or More Every Time You Shop6. Coupon: This is a part of the advertisement that enables a consumer to get in touch with the advertiser. The name and postal address is an integral part of any coupon. The offer or the request must follow in closeir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=0425236498 heal. The obligation of the customer is given by their signature space. No hard and fast rule is there regarding the position of the coupon in the layout. Although in most of the advertisements it normally lies at the end. Both rectangular and triangular ones are in popular use. It is normally on the right hand side keeping in mind that most people are right handed.

7.Decoration: Greater interest for the applicability of decoration is in the fact that it should supplement or emphasize the message of the advertisement as a whole. Heavy or light would be at the discretion of the layout person.

air india mascot design
Source: LogoDesign Works

 8. Mascot: It is also known as the ‘Trade Character’ or ‘Trade Figure’. It may be defined as an illustration of either real or an imaginary figure or personality introduced into the advertisement to personalize the sales message or the name of the product or service. Maharaja of the Air India is a suitable example.

 9. Logo or Name Plate: This is the signature of the advertisement.

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