USP or Unique Selling Proposition

USP makes the consumer identify the brand with a particular benefit. Brand stimulates an association of the benefit. But this very association is the benefit. Marlboro gave a cowboy image via USP. It is a focused identity, a narrow identity. The company was the first to do it. Perhaps, brand image gives a rather diffuse identity, open textured identity. It established itself via the rational and logical appeal way.

You should remember that the competitors can copy the USP, hence the key lies in the differentiating the offer.

So I ask you what is this USP?

According to Rosser Reeves, a USP is:

    Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, 14 Count

  • The creation of a distinct Brand position in the mind
  • The product differentiator becomes the Brand differentiator
  • Each ad must make a proposition to the customer. The benefit to the consumer should be said in the message. Dove soap, for example, contains ¼ moisturizer. Hence the benefit offered is that the skin will not dry up.
  • The competitors should not have made that promise or proposition.