The Process of Preparing Effective Bussiness Message


There are five planning steps:

  1. Identify your purpose
  2. Analyze your audience
  3. Choose your ideas
  4. Collect data to support your ideas
  5. Organize your message

  1. Identify your purpose :

You must know why you should write and what should be written . The purpose may be sale , good will , request , inquiry or refusal etc.

  1. Analyze your audience :

It is better for the sender to understand the receiver. You should know his background , qualification , education , position , status in the company , desire , expectations , problems , circumstances and possible reactions to your request. Also he/she is superior , subordinate , laborer , professional or technical person , colleague , single or married , man or woman , young or old , new or long time customer .

  1. Choose the ideas :

It depends upon the type of message . Before working jot down the points to be covered in communication , and then bring them in order of importance and urgency

  1. Collect data to support your ideas

To explain facts and figures , visual aids may be utilized , augmenting the communication.

  1. Organize ideas :

Once the ideas have been jotted down , they should be properly arranged and organized . Failing to organize will fail the objectives of the message .

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