Frederick Taylor and Scientific Management

  1. Was an Engineer?

  2. Started out as an apprentice, common foreman, motor mechanic and then chief engineer of a steel company, he invented high-speed steel cutting tools. His patents made him rich and he stopped working at the age of 45 and spent the remaining 14 years of his life as an unpaid consultant and promoting his ideas on scientific management.

  3. Taylor’s major lancer was efficiency in production mode only to lower costs and raise profits but also to increase pay for workers through their higher productivity.

Taylor’s Principles.

A careful study of time and motion under lines his famous work. Principles of scientific Management: various pay plans based on out put were used to increase the surplus to make sure that workers who produced were paid according to their productivity. Taylor emphasized the importance of careful advance planning by managers and the responsibility of managers to design work system so that workers would be helped to do their best.

Henry L.Gantt

  1. Was a Mechanical Engineer?

  2. Like Taylor he emphasized the need for developing mutuality of interests between Management and labor and develop a harmonious cooperation; he developed graphic method of describing plant and improving managerial control the famous Gantt chart.

Frank and Lillian GillBreth.

  1. Frank was a bricklayer became the chief superident of a building contractor and the formed his own building contracting firm.

  2. He reduced the number of bricklaying motions from 18 to 5 and doubled a bricklayer’s productivity. He became a famous consultant of improvement of human productivity.

  3. Lillian was an industrial psychologist and great helped frank in his consultancy. After her husband’s death, she carried on his consultancy business till her own death at the age of 93.

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