What is Management?

Management is the process of designing and maintaining an Environment in which individuals working together in groups efficiently accomplishes selected aims.

Function of managements?

  1. Management applies to any kind of organization.

  2. It applies to managers at all organizational level.

  3. Managers carry out the managerial function of planning, organization, staffing, leading and controlling.

  4. The aim of all managers is the same to create a surplus.

  5. Managing is concerned with productivity; this implies effectiveness and efficiency.

Managerial skill.

  1. Technical Skills.

  2. Human Skills.

  3. Conceptual Skill.

  4. Design Skill.

Technical Skills

Knowledge and proficiency in avidities involving method, process and procedures for Example, mechanics work with tools and their supervisors should have the ability to show them how to work these tools.

Human Skills

Ability to work with people it is the create of an environment in which people create of an environment in which people feel secure and free to express their opinion.

Conceptual Skills

Ability to see the “big picture” to recognize significant element in a situation and to understand the relationship among the elements.

Design Skills

Ability to solve problem in ways that will benefit the enterprise managers are not merely “problem watchers” they work out practical solution to their problems.

Evolution of management thought.

Development of thought on management dates back to the days when people attempted to accomplish goals by working group.

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