The Process of Human Resource Planning

  1. Objectives of Manpower Planning:– The persons concerned with manpower planning must be clear about goals of manpower planning because once the wrong forecast of future requirement of human resources are made, it may not be possible to rectify the errors in short-run.
  2. Current Manpower Inventory:- Assessment of demand for operating personnel presents less problems of uncertainty & current manpower supply can be adjusted accordingly. But for supervisory and managerial levels projection is complex problem because required talents are not available at a short notice. This will also help in drawing recruitment & development plans to meet the needs of certain skills future.
  3. Demand Forecasting: A proper forecast of manpower required in future say, after one year, two years & so on must be attempted. The factors relevant for manpower forecasting are as follows.
(i) Employment Trends:– Manpower planning committee show examine number of employees on pay roll during past 5 year to knew trend within each group to determine whether particular group has been stable or unstable.
(ii) Replacement Needs:– arises due to death, retirement, resignation & termination of employees. It may relate to supervisory, skilled, clarical groups and must be anticipated in advance.
(iii) Productivity:- Gain in productivity will also influence requirements of manpower. Planning for productivity has several aspects. The first aspect relates to effective utilisation of manpower. The second aspect relates to installation of more productive tools, equipments. The last aspect relates to matching of skills with requirements of jobs.
(iv) Growth & Expansion:– A good organisation always tries to adopt itself to change in method & techniques of Production. Therefore Manpower planner should take all these factors into account while studying impact of various business expansion plans on manpower requirements.
(v) Absenteeism:– Means a situation when a person fails to come for work when he is scheduled to work. Due to absenteeism work get upset leading to overtime work which in turn leads to increased cost of production. The management should go into cause of absenteeism & attempt to reduce absentism as far as possible.
(vi) Work Study:– Can be used when it is possible to apply work measurement to know how long operations should take & amount of labour required. This is also known as ‘workload analysis.’
  1. Job Requirements:– Job analysis is the qualitative aspect of manpower requirements since it determines what is the quantum of work which an average person can do on a job in a day. It facilitates division of work in to different jobs.
  2. Employment Plans:– This phase deals with planning how organisation can obtain required number of right type of personnel as reflected by personnel forecasts.
  3. Training & Development Programme:– Training is essential not only for new employees but also for old employees for improving their performance. Similarly executive development programmes have to be devised for development of managerial personnel. The talent of employees are not fully productive without a systematic programme of training & development.
  4. Appraisal of Manpower Planning:– After training programmes have been implemented, an appraisal must be made of effectiveness of manpower planning. Deficiencies in programmes should be pointed out & catalogue of manpower inventory should be updated periodically. Conective actions should also be taken whenever it is necessary to remove deficiencies in manpower planning.

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  2. First of all. Thanks very much for your useful post.

    I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here.

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