Sources of Grievances

The causes of grievances may be grouped under three heads-

(1) Grievances resulting from Managerial Polices:-

  1. Wage rates or scale of Pay.
  2. Overtime
  3. Leave
  4. Transfer- improper matching of worker with the job
  5. Seniority, Promotion and discharges.
  6. Lack of career planning and employee development plan
  7. Lack of role clarity.
  8. Lack of regards for collective agreement.
  9. Hostility towards a labour union.
  10. Autocratic leadership style of supervisors.

(2)Grievances resulting from Working conditions:-

  1. Unrealistic.
  2. Non-availability of proper tools, machines and equipments for doing the job.
  3. Tight Production standards.
  4. Bad working conditions.
  5. Poor relationship with the supervisor.
  6. Negative approach to discipline.

(3) Grievances resulting from Personal factors.

  1. Narrow attitude
  2. Over-ambition
  3. Egoistic personality
  4. Non Cooperative fellow workers
  5. Personal Problems outside factory.