Handling of Grievances

Grievances are symptoms of conflicts in enterprise. So they should be handled very promptly and efficiently. Coping with grievances forms an important part of manager’s job. The manner in which he deals with grievances determines his efficiency in dealing with subordinates. A manager is successful if he is able to build a team of satisfied workers by removing their grievances. While dealing with grievances of subordinates, it is necessary to keep in mind the following points:

1. A grievances may or may not be real.
2. Grievances may arise out of not one cause but multifarious causes.
3. Every individual does not give expression to his grievances.

For the purpose of handling grievances efficiently, it is necessary to find & analyse the grievances of the subordinates. If a grievances is found to be real or genuine, the corrective action should be taken immediately. But if grievances arises due to imagination or distributed frame of mind of workers, then it is necessary to explain & clear up the matter. Before dealing with the grievances, their causes. He may realise the existence of grievances because of high labour turnover, high rate of absenteeism & poor quality of work.

While dealing with grievances, a manager cannot depend upon any ready made Solutions. Every case has to be dealt with on its merits. The following guidelines may be followed to deal effectively with the grievances:-

(1) The complainant should be given a patient hearing. He should be allowed to express himself completely.
(2) Attempts should be made to get at the root of the problem.
(3) The management must show its anxiety to remove the grievances of the workers.
(4) If the grievances are real & their causes are known, attempts should be made to remove the causes.
(5) If grievances are imaginary, attempts should be made to counsel the workers.

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