Grievance Procedure

These include:-
(i) Open door policy.
(ii) Step-ladder procedure.

(I) Open Door Policy:-

under this procedure, the employees are free to meet the top executive of the organisation & get their grievances redressed. Such a policy may work well in small organisation and may not be suitable for big organisation because top executives will be too busy in other matters Moreover, top management is not too familiar with working conditions of operative employees. It may be difficult for it to attend to employee grievances because of lack of sufficient information. Lastly, it is also said that this policy is suitable for executives to walk through & not operative employees. The employees may even hesitate to go to top executives with their grievances.

(ii) Step-Ladder Procedure:-

Under this procedure, aggrieved employee has to proceed step by step in getting his grievances heard & redressed, as given in diagram.

Step No. 1

Step No. 2

Step No. 3

Step No. 4

Step No. 5

Last Step

Step- ladder Grievance Procedure

Firstly, he has to present his grievance in writing to his supervisor or foreman. If he is not satisfied with his decision, he may go to the head of the department. There may be joint grievance committee after the decision of the head of department is not acceptable to the employee. If the committee also fails to redress his grievances, the matter may be referred to chief executive. The grievance procedure will be said to be exhausted if chief executive is also not able to redress the grievance. The worker should not take any action against management until the whole grievance procedure has been exhausted.

The grievance assume the form of a conflict after the worker is not satisfied with the decision of chief executive. For maintaining industrial peace in the plant, it is advisable to refer such grievance to the voluntary arbitrations. The award of arbitrator should be binding on both the parties.

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