Importance of Discipline

Discipline is very essence of life. Absence of discipline means chaos and disorder. In an industry big or small, manpower is the most important factor which can be used effectively only if there is discipline in the industry. It can be brought about by fear or punitive actions, it should be brought voluntarily. A man may work under compulsion but he will constantly be in conflict with his natural impulse and strain which can’t be considered good social relations in work group. So in order to bring discipline there should be good relationship between employer and employee and interest of workers should also be highlighted.

Maintenance of discipline is a prerequisite for the attainment of maximum productivity, not only of workers but also of entire nation. Self-discipline is the highest form of discipline and management effort should be directed to encourage this. True discipline is education because it changes attitude of workers towards their work and workplace. Thus, discipline is to be developed from within and it has to be reformative and not punitive.

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