Selection, Placement and Promotion

Selecting a manager is to choose the best candidate among all applicants.

As selection is for specific job , there are two approaches

  1. Selection approach :-

Is that , the candidate are made to fill a position with specific requirements

  1. Placement approach :-

To find or design a suitable position by individual evaluation .


Promotion is to shift to a higher position required more advanced skills and greater responsibilities . It involves higher status and an increase in salary.

The facts of selection and promotion are

  • Outstanding performance

  • Better utilization of an individual’s skills and abilities

  • Past performance

Responsibilities For Selection:

  • Selector be held accountable

  • Performance of the chosen candidate

  • Get opinions of others

  • Selection must be on the basis of the qualification and potentials of the candidates

  • It shouldn’t be on the basis of relations or friendships.

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