To ask certain questions to candidates by one or more people is called interview . Nowadays this process is distrusted by the people and it also have some weakness .

  • Interpretation

In the obtained information

  • Interviews sometimes influenced ,ignore his job performance .
  • Interviewers, don’t ask the right questions . To improve the interviewing process several techniques can be used .
  • Interviewing should be trained
  • Interviewing should be prepared to ask the right question
  • Conduct multiple interviews utilizing different interviews ( they should provide additional information for the manager for the final decision )
  • It is one aspect of the selection process so it should be supplemented by
    • Data form

    • Results of various tests

    • Reference checks

    • Letter of recommendation

There are three kinds of interviews

  • Unstructured interviews

  • Semi structured interview

  • Structured interview

Unstructured Interviews : are informal interviews in which the interviews may say some thing like “tell me about your last job”

Semi Structured Interviews : Interviewers may follows the interview guide but may also ask other question.

Structured Interviews : In this kind of interview, interviewer asks a set of prepared questions.

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