Qualities of a Successful Personnel Manager

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Some of the important qualities required in any personnel manger may be summarized below.


(i) Sense of Vocation: The responsibilities o the job of personnel manger are so heavy that they cannot be cared out without some sens of inner urge that is why the possibilities of disappointment and discouragement are grate in a a personnel job. The only safeguard against discouragement and disappointment is the ability to draw upon the springs of an unfailing idealism. The personnel manger must have faith in humanity an also in the possibility in creating a finer social and industrial order.

(ii) Sense of Social responsibility: Industry is a part of society and it is to fulfill needs of the society from time to time. The success of the industry much depends upon the effective co-operation of the people working in the industry. It is the duty of the personnel manager to create facilities for getting better co-operation of the personnel at work. He must appreciate the working people as social units and social groups and deal with them in social background.

(iii) Capacity for Leadership: Personnel Manager must have a sense of leadership in matters affecting the people. He, thus has dual role. Firstly, to advise the top management on human problems while deciding the policies relating to workers and secondly to exercise leadership in matters affecting the efficiency of workers in the interest of the plant. He should be ready to face opposition and to speak fearlessly he should also be in position to convince others from his point of view.

(iv) Personnel Integrity: Personnel manger must be a man who can trusted by all in the organisation so that people in the organisation may come to him and put all their difficulties, worries, anxieties and problems before him. He must be personality who is trusted not only by his subordinates but also by his fellow mangers and directors.

(v) Capacity for Persuation: This is the intellectual side of leadership. The personnel manger has to persuade his fellow mangers and top management of the wisdom of the proposals he makes. Similarly he has to persuade the people in the industry to reconcile with the objectives of the orgnaisation.

(vi) Personality: A few points of personality may be added to the above mentioned qualities of character:-

(a) Public Speech: Public speech is very often a necessity in the working life of a personnel manger. To present his view-point before the management while deciding upon the problems affecting personnels and to put the organisation objectives before the workers to make them understand the management point of view public, speech is a must.

(b) Facial Expression: Mobility of facial expression is also important for the personnel manger because it will help him in dealing with the personnel more efficiently.

(c) Spontaneity of Speech: Ability to express oneself in accurate terms avoids misunderstanding. People are more at ease before one who quickly says the word of welcome or introduction. Readiness and fluency combined with t good knowledge or words and their meanings are essential for a personnel manger.

(d)Personal dignity: Personnel manger should maintain his dignity. He should be able to mix himself with the people and yet not to be of them.

(e) Courtesy and social awareness: Actually, the personnel manger is the human relation manger. He has to speak to people of all grenades and ranks-leaders of trade unions, workers representatives in committees an members of t Board of Directors. For all these occasions he is better equipped if he has a sense of courtesy and social awareness.

(f) Foresightedness: Being a human relation manger, he must guess the pros and cons of the action of management and any complexity which may arise out of the decision. He should strongly and advisably defend his view point in the meetings o the committee or board of directors.


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