Functions of Personnel Manager

Coordination Team work meetings

There are other activities which are at time placed in the personnel department. The activities and functions tabulated below are frequently under the supervision of the personnel department.


(i) Vocational Selection-selection of the right man for the right job.

Vocational Guidance and Placement-proper guidance of worker and his placement.

(iii) Vocational Trading and Employee Induction-an adequate training of the worker, and induction as a part of training.

(iv) Provision and maintenance of proper working conditions
(v) Protection of workers from disease and accidents.

(vi) Employee Rating and Promotion, transfer, demotion, discharge an separation.

(vii) Job Analysis and Evaluation.

(viii) Rational Wega Policy-fixation of adequate wages.

(ix) Extension, generally, of a helping hand to lift the worker out of a narrow an inadequate life.

Better Industrial relations-provisions of means by which workers’ desires may be given consideration.

(xi) Employee Participation in management to ensure employee-employer co-operation.

(xii) Labour Union Contracts and Co-operation-negotiation of contracts, settling grievances, union-management collad in establishing standards, reducing waste, improving the cases an increasing productions.

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