Putting Constructive Pressure on the Organization to Achieve Good Results

1. Managers have to be out front in mobilizing organizational energy behind the drive for good strategy execution and operating excellence.
2. A culture where there is constructive pressure to achieve good results is a valuable contributor to good strategy execution and operating excellence.
3. Results-oriented cultures are permeated with a spirit of achievement and have a good track record in meeting or beating performance targets.

4. Successfully leading the effort to instill a spirit of high achievement into the culture generally entails such leadership actions and managerial practices as:

  • Treating employees with dignity and respect
  • Making champions of people who turn in winning performances
  • Encouraging employees to use initiative and creativity in performing their work
  • Setting stretch objectives and clearly communicating an expectation that company personnel are to give their best in achieving performance targets
  • Granting employees enough autonomy to stand out, excel, and contribute
  • Using the full range of motivational techniques and compensation incentives to inspire company personnel, nurture a results-oriented work climate, and enforce high-performance standards
  • Celebrating individual, group, and company successes