Staying on Top of How Well Things are Going

1. To stay on top of how well the strategy execution process is going, a manger needs to develop a broad network of contacts and sources of information, both formal and informal.
2. The regular channels includes talking with key subordinates, attending presentations and meetings, reading reviews of the latest operating results, talking to customers, watching the competitive reactions of rival firms, exchanging e-mail and holding telephone conversations with people in outlying locations, making onsite visits, and listening to rank-and-file employees.
3. One of the best ways for executives in charge of strategy execution to stay on top of things is by making regular visits to the field and talking with many different people at many different levels – a technique often labeled managing by walking around.

CORE CONCEPT: Management by walking around (MBWA) is one of the techniques that effective leaders use to stay informed about how well the strategy execution process is progressing.

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