Pre-testing for the broadcasting ads

Where the pre-testing for the broadcasting ads are concerned, we have the following types:
The book of advertising tests: a group of articles that actually say something about advertising
1. In-home projection tests: A movie projector screens the ads in the setting of the consumer’s home. He is then questioned before and after the exposure. We can then assess the strong and the weak points of the 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=1171607245

2. Trailer tests: A real life like shopping environment is created to measure consumer behavior. One group is given coupons to purchase selective brands, and the other group is not given the coupons. The redemption rate of the coupons may give an idea about the effectiveness of the test ads.

3. Theatre test: A set of captive audience is sent a questionnaire. Later they are sent free ads to view the test ads in a theatre and then again are administered a questionnaire. It assesses product, brand and the ad theme.

4. Live telecast tests: Here the inaccuracies of artificial testing environment are not encountered. Ads are put on air either by narrow casting or live telecasting. These ads are test ads, and not the regular ads. Later, viewers are interviewed to know their reactions.

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