Production manager can be marketing oriented by producing product according to needs & wants of customer. Not only features and taste of product are according to customer requirement but also packing-packaging colors etc should be according to customer requirement.

Production department or manager can be marketing oriented by providing products in time to marketing department. There should be support of marketing department in a sense that not only by providing products in time but also according to their demands because marketing people are more close to customer & they have more knowledge about customers taste than production department, So Production Manager should follow marketing department

Customer need quality, affordable and available product.

In case of availability of product the production Manager should take care that when demand exceeds the supply. Management should look for ways to increase production. Similarly management should focus on improving production and distribution efficiency. Customer will buy product that offers the most in performance and innovative features. Thus production manager should devote energy to make continuous product improvements.

In order to improve marketing process, production manager should adopt TQM progress, which is designed to constantly improve the quality of their products and devices. Customer’s satisfaction is closely linked to quality and this is one way through which production manager can contribute in marketing process. Obviously when products meet quality, health and safety standards then according to definition of marketing, it will deliver customer satisfaction thus contribute in marketing process.

Though economy of scale production manager can also be marketing oriented. Because main focus of customer is on price, Under the guidance of Production Manager his workers can produce products in lowest possible cost which will lead to reduction in the price. Thus creates satisfied customers.


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