Financial Advertising

It is an advertising activity which is undertaken by companies, firms, or organization involved in financial markets, such as Unit Trusts, Assurance, Building Societies, or Banks.

ICICI Prudential
Financial Advertising on Satellite Television (ST), It is an financial advertising which accompanies financial programmes since the viewers of such programmes form the target audience. Financial programmes are niche audience directed programmes, and are not dependent on TRP ratings. The message becomes focused. Middle class, upper-income bracket people, views satellite channels and these are the people who invest. The satellite channels and financial advertising have the go well with each other since the viewership fits the target audience of financial advertising. The influences are felt in securities buying the financial consultant, brokers, sub-brokers and merchant bankers. Business-based programmes are watched by this influence.

It reaches NRI’s and with NRI reservation the satellite channel proves to be an
effective medium for financial advertising. Satellite channels offer special packages for financial advertisers. JAIN TV claims that 30 per cent of its ads revenue comes from financial programmes. Besides, certainly some financial advertising requires more than 30-seconds and corporate films lasting 10 minutes are the way out. They may prove expensive as per tariff card rate, and so special package is offered. JAIN also offers to make ad films for advertisers.LICMF Bond Fund

The media used for financial advertising is normally the print. The visuals used are graphics of turnover and financial data. Appropriate headlines should be framed in order to catch attention. There are 2 types of advertisements in this context. One which focuses on the bigger picture and the other on the nitty gritty of let’s say an issue. Copy is purely on the gains and financial aspects of the company.

Headline: A quality product always ensures sweet returns

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