Fast Food Restaurant Segementation

Geographic Segmentation

There are two reasons why people who live in the same area may share similar characteristics. First some areas have more expensive properties then other areas. And so people with similar socio economic characteristics may cluster together. Second they have similar transport and shopping options. It is easily advertised in those areas. In the case of restaurants these are most population of upper class, and mostly the workers of different organizations visit the restaurant that’s why restaurants sought in the commercial areas. Business men segment the fast food restaurant in the posh and commercial areas because upper class usually visits the fast food restaurants there.

Demographic Segmentation

Consumer can be grouped on the basis of characteristics such as age of household composition. This is easy to do and reach such segments by media. But age and other demographics are only closely related to behavior. Usually teenagers are fond of fast food. If you visit KFC and McDonald’s you can easily observe that the majority of customers are teenagers.

Psychographics Segmentation

Personality, attitudes , Opinions and life styles are often used for segmentation basis. These characteristics have some relationship to behavior and provide insight into how to communicate with chosen segments. Commonly the people who having soft attitude want fun every time, so they tend to visit fast food restaurants.

Income Segmentation

This is a basic cause of segmentation of the restaurants. This business is more successful in the commercial areas and in the lavish areas of the city. If the people have excess money, they enjoy the fast food ,other wise, poor people will be less likely to visit these restaurants.

Occasion Segmentation

In the season of any festival these businesses are more successful. People ready to spend money on the special events.

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