Geographic Segmentation

Visa gold card can be divided on the geographical basis. Mostly the visa gold cards have good business in commercial cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. In these big cities , People are more conscious regarding security of money, especially in travel. Through Visa Card people feel more secure in making transactions.

Demographic Segmentation

According to a survey, young people are more likely to try new thing compared to old people because they have had their experiences at there time, they just want to stick with those things which have proven a good deal. On the other side, young people want to experience new things. Their risk taking ability is more. Credit cards can also be targeted on the basis of age, gender and customs.

Some cards have been targeted on self employed or Business Class while some cards have been targeted on salaried class. For Visa Cards, salaried class may well prove to be more profitable.

Income Segmentation

Gone are the days when people used to think that credit cards are luxury for rich people and nothing to do with middle class or lower middle class people. Now people don’t just buy a card but also credit. It puts more within the reach. Salaried class has turned out to be more profitable than self employed because they revolve in making payments, consequently accumulate a lot of interest, which is the earning of Visa Card.

Behavioral Segmentation

The customers who have knowledge and have awareness about these facilities can use and enjoy this card and they can be good customer for these products. People are used to pay by cash. With growing culture of payments through credit cards, behavioral customs are changing. Now people don’t resist to payment through credit cards.

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