Equity theory

Refers to individuals subjective judgment about the equity or fairness of the reward they receive in relation to their inputs ( which include factors such as effort , experience and education ) in comparison with other’s rewards .

The aspects of the equity theory are :

Outcomes by a person = out comes by another person
Input by a person = input by another person

Reinforcement theory :

This theory was developed by skimmer, who suggested that people are motivated by praise of desirable behavior, people should participate in setting their goals and should receive regular feedback with recognition and praise .

Expectancy theory of motivation :

The theory that people will motivate by their expectancy that a particular action on their part will lead to a desired outcome . It is stated:

Force = strength of a person’s motivate

Valence = Strength of an individual performance for an outcome

Expectancy = Probability that a particular action will lead to a desired outcome

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