Power And Authority

POWER : To make the people behave or want to make them behave .

Authority : Legitimate power, position power .

Types Of Power :

  • Expert power

  • Referent power

  • Personality ethics

  • Character ethics

  • Reward / coercive power


You make the people obey the functions




Obligations to perform assigned functions / duties .It is flow from the function.

Principle of functional similarity

Authority –co equal Auth – Resp.

The official right to assign the people is responsibility.


Type s of functions:


  • Production

  • Selling

  • Financing

Line and Staff Authority:

There are various ways to conceptualize line and staff. Line and staff are characterized by relationships and not by people or departments .Line authority is that relationship in which a superior exercises direct supervisions over subordinates. The staff relationship consists of giving advise and council.

Functional Authority:

Right to control processes , policies or other matters in departments ,other than a person’s own . Functional authority is a small slice of a line manager’s authority and should be used sparingly.

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