Which Ad Size and Shape gives better Results?

Twenty Ads That Shook the World: The Century's Most Groundbreaking Advertising and How It Changed Us AllDifferent ad sizes in the print media are possible, the budget being the major constraint. Within the given size~ we get allotted certain space which can take many steps, each shape being a device of non-verbal ir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=0609807234communication. A square shape shows a staid or static image. It also shows a formal image. Against this, a rectangular with longer side placed vertically shows dynamism, and with longer side placed horizontally, shows tranquility. The shape should be consistent with the message.

Let us consider how lines are interpreted. Horizontal lines show stability and a state of restfulness, Vertical lines show speed, growth and movement. Several vertical lines act as barriers, and to some extent express strength and power.

Combined together, vertical and horizontal lines express a state of equilibrium and a sense of satisfaction.
Diagonal lines are thought to be challenging, and denote utmost speed. Diagonals also direct our eye movement.

Curves show elegance and beauty. Triangles have a combination of both dynamic and static and can also communicate caution against danger. Circles are likened to planets. They show continuity, eternity and peace. What they enclose command our attention immediately. There is a movement around the circumference.

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