Geographical segmentation

First we divide this business on the geographical units. Hair cut is a very sensitive and stylish business. A good businessman segmente the business first on the location of the business. A hair cut business can be run in every corner of the world. And every person of every religion is highly consumed with the hair cut. Age gender, family; nationality always put a good effect on this business. We can see that this is just like a necessity. Asian, Hispanic, black, white are all interested in the haircut but this business can be very profitable if its location is on the commercial area.

Demographical Segmentation

Demographic segmentation can be defined, as this is a division on the basic of sex, age, family size, life cycle, income occupations, education, religion, and nationality. If we see the hair cut business in the eye of demographic segmentation. This can be based on gender and age basis, ladies hair saloons and gent’s hair saloons are easily available with distinction. So we can say that we can segment the hair cut business on the basis of demographic.

Age And Life Cycle Segmentation

Hair cut saloon can offer different styles with different ages. Every age demands different hairstyle.

Gender Segmentation

As I have explained earlier that hair saloons are usually divided on gender basic. And there are very successful female saloons having their marvelous success and male saloons also have their own identity.

Income Segmentation

This business can be segmented on income basis; the charges of this business should be allocated on the purchasing power of the customer. If the saloon is located in the lavish area so it better charge high prices of services.

Occasion Segmentation

Saloons have made business in special festivals like Eid, Christmas and other. So we can segment on the occasion basis.


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