The Selection Process

Preliminary interview

Short and concise

Main purpose:

  • Pre-selection and the elimination of applicants who are obviously not qualified

Usually done telephonically

Straightforward questions about qualifications, experience, etc.

Application blank

A form that is completed by the applicant providing information such as

  • education

  • work history

  • personal data

  • medical history

  • hobbies

  • Etc


  • Gives an indication of an applicant’s suitability for the job

Employment test

An instrument which is used to obtain information about personal characteristics

Cognitive ability (intelligence)

  • Provides an indication of general intelligence


  • Gives an indication of aspects such as

    • Verbal ability

    • Work fluency

    • Memory

    • Deductive reasoning

    • Numerical ability

    • Coordination


  • Identify personality traits


  • Assess an applicant’s performance on specific tasks (eg typing test, editing skills, mechanic tool identification)


  • Interest is related to a person’s motivation and satisfaction

Types of employment interview


  • Careful systematic planning

  • Exclusive use of technically skilled interviewers


  • Coincidental

  • Random procedure

Problems with the employment interview

Interviewer’s own perception

Decisions based on first impressions

Females rated lower than males

Social prejudices

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