Reference checks

Conducted after the employment interview to find out more about the applicant’s employment record, education and training, and behavioural patterns

Important because:

  • Input is obtained from a number of people

  • There is useful feedback on the strengths and weaknesses, achievements and failures of individuals

  • The organisation receives a verbal report on an individual’s performance

Physical examination


  • To determine the applicant’s physical suitability for the position for which he/she has been selected

EEA (s7)

  • Medical testing of an employee is prohibited unless legislation permits or requires the testing

  • Example: pilot

Fairness of a selection decision

Ensure that all information

is objective

is based on the inherent requirements of the job

has the same meaning to members of different groups

is actually used in a standardised way for a specific purpose

is preferably quantified or classified in distinct unambiguous categories

is unquestionably relevant to the selection decision being made

Note: Keep written records indicating why each applicant was rejected – a candidate may ask for a reason – ensure that the reason is based on objective criteria

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