The Public Relations Campaign

SWOT Analysis

In designing a public relations campaign it is useful to conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to put the organization and its products into perspective. This will help to highlight the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization, together with any external opportunities and threats.

In addition, the findings from a SWOT analysis allow the organization to identify the people and groups which influence the attitudes and views of others, such as academic and commercial research organizations; management groups; national or local government officials. The public relations team should be in regular contact with these groups in order to influence their view as ultimately, the affect the opinions of others.

Organizations, or the agencies they hire, may decide to use one or more of a number of activities in a public relations campaign. For example:

Press release

This may be issued to draw attention to the successes of the organization. These might include an announcement concerning the creation of a new product, success in securing a new order, or some other development or achievement. An advantage of a press release is that it offers the organization’s version of a particular event (and, of course, it is free).


This may be provided for those who will speak on the organization’s behalf, whether an employee or someone from outside the organization, to ensure that the organization’s case is presented effectively on television and radio and at events. Similarly, public appearances or speeches can be used to provide opportunities to promote the name and activities of an organization. This may involve television and radio appearances as well as local activities such as giving a speech at a chamber of commerce lunch.


This may be offered to have the name of organization linked to a particular event. Examples include the Coca-Cola Cup, the Lombard RAC Rally and the Benson & Hedges Cup. Small local businesses can gain from sponsoring charity fundraising events, local sports clubs (with kit) or cultural events, such as helping to finance a theatre production, In each case, it is a matter of having the name of the organization publicized and place in a favorable light.

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