Techniques of Job Analysis Data

The determination of job tasks, skills and abilities necessary for successful. Performance and responsibilities internet in job can be obtained through such methods or approaches as the following:

  1. Personal observation

  2. Sending out questionnaries.

  3. Maintenance of log records

  4. Conducting Personal interviews.

Personal Observation:– The materials & equipment used working conditions & probable hazards, and an understanding of what the work involves are the facts which should be known by an analyst. Direct observation is especially useful in jobs that consist of physical ability like jobs of draftsman, mechanic, or weaver..

Sending Out Questionnaires:- This method is usually employed by engineering consultants. Properly drafted questionnaires are sent out to job-holders for complete & are returned to supervisors. However, information received is often unorganised & incoherent. The idea in issuing questionnaire is to elicit necessary information from job holders so that any error may first be discussed, with employee and after due corrections, may be submitted to job analyst.

Maintenance of Log Records:- The employee maintains a daily record of duties he performs, marking the time at which each task is started and finished. But this system is incomplete because it does not give us any desirable data on supervisor relationship, equipment used, and working conditions. Moreover, it is time consuming.

Personal Interviews:- May be held by analyst with the employees, and answers to relevant questions may be recorded. But this method is time-consuming &costly.

However, it may be noted that personal observation & interview approach are more or less complete & accurate. If a particular job is simple & repetative observations may be only technique required. Otherwise in most cases, interview coupled with observation constitute desirable approach.

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