5 basic steps required for doing a job Analysis

Step 1 Collection of Background Information According to Terry, “the make-up of a job, its relation to other jobs, and its requirements, for competent performances are essential information needed for a job evaluation. This information can be available by reviewing available back ground information. Such as

  • Organisation charts (Which show how how job in question relates to other job & where they fit into overall organisation.
  • Class specificiations – Which describes general requirement of class of job to which the job under analysis belongs)
  • Job descriptions – which provide a starting point from which to build revised job description.

Step2: Selection of Representative Position to be Analysed

Since the analysis of all jobs would be time-consuming, few representative positions should be analysed.

Step3: Collection of Job Analysis Data

Data should be collected regarding employee qualification and requirements, either from employees who actually perform a job or from other employees (Such as foreman or supervisor) who watch the workers doing a job and thereby acquire knowledge about it or from outside persons knows as the trade job analysis who are appointed to watch employees performing.

The duties of such a trade job analyst are

(i) to outline complete scope of a job & to consider all physical and mental activities involved in determining what the worker does.

(ii) find out why a worker does a job and

(iii) Skill factor which may be needed in worker to differentiate between jobs & establish the extent of difficulty of any job.

Step 4: Developing A Job Description:-

The information collected is to be developed in form of a job description. Which is written statement that describes main features of job as well as qualifications.

Step 5: Developing Job specification:-

The last step is to convert job Description statements into job specifications i.e. to specifically mention what personal qualities, traits, skills and background is necessary for getting the job done.