Store retailing

Store retailing is the traditional form of retailing wherein a customer physically goes to the store to buy goods or services. Some of the types of store retailing are:

Specialty stores:

This would typically specialise in selling one product. It has a highly targeted market segment that this type of retailing is trying to attract. . However, some speciality stores also include allied products targeted at the same marketing segment.

Department stores:

A department store is a store where multiple items are stocked and sold. These stores service all kinds of needs of the customers such as clothing, shoes, cosmetics, gift items, luggage, and other household goods.


These are similar to department stores but with a focus on food and household maintenance products. This is more of a self-service operation wherein a customer just goes and picks what he wants.

Convenience stores:

The differentiating factors for these types of stores are that they are open for relatively long hours and mostly on all the days of the week thus making it accessible to the customer. Typically this kind of retailing stores would be located in residential areas.

Discount stores:
A discount store sells products at a lower price by reducing its own margins. This type of stores target high volumes to ensure profitability.

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