Staffing involves finding the right people, with the right skills, abilities, and fit, who may be hired or already working for the company (organization) or may be working for competing companies.

Staffing is the systematic approach to the problem of selecting, training, motivating and retaining professional and non professional personnel in any organization.

Staffing is a logical operation that consists of several interdependent actions as given below:

  • Identifying the type and amount of service needed by agency client

  • Determining the personnel categories that have the knowledge and skill to determine the needed service measures.

  • Predicting the number of personnel in each job category that will be needed to meet anticipated service demands.

  • Obtaining, budgeted positions for the number in each job category needed to service for the expected type and number of client.

  • Recruiting personnel from suitable applicants.

  • Combining personnel into desired configurations by unit and shift.

  • Orienting personnel to fulfill the assigned responsibilities.

  • Assigning responsibilities for client services to available personnel.

Staffing involves the manpower planning:

Manpower planning may be defined as a strategy for the acquisition, utilization, improvement, and preservation of the human resources of an organization. it is a technique for procurement , development, allocation, and utilization of human resources in an organization.

The following are the number and types of personnel needed to fulfill the philosophy, met fiscal planning responsibilities and carryout the chosen patient care management organization.

  • Recruit, interview, select and assign personnel based on established job description performance standards.

  • Use organizational resources for induction and orientation.

  • Ascertain that each employee is adequately socialized to organizational values and unit norms.

  • Use creative and flexible scheduling based on patient care needs to increase the productivity and retention.

  • Develop a program of staff education that will assist employees meeting the goals of the organization.

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