Principles of staffing

  • Principle of the objective of staffing:

The objective of managerial staffing is to ensure that organization roles are filled by those qualified personnel who are able and willing to occupy them.

  • Principle of staffing:

This principle rests on an important body of knowledge concerning management practices. Those organizations that have no established job definition, no effective appraisals, and no system for training and development will have to rely on coincidence or sources to fill the positions with able managers.

  • Principle of job definition:

Since organizational roles are occupied by people with different needs, these roles must have many dimensions such as pay, status, power, discretion that induce managers to perform.

  • Principle of managerial appraisal:

The more clearly verifiable objectives and required managerial activities are identified, the more precise can be the appraisal of managers against these criteria.

  • Principle of open competition:

The more an enterprise is committed to the assurance of quality management, the more it will encourage open competition among all candidates for management positions.

  • Principle of management training and development:

The more management training and development are integrated with the management process and enterprise objectives, the more effective the development programs and activities will be.

  • Principle of training objectives:

The more precisely the training objectives are stated, the more likely are the chances of achieving them. The analysis of training needs is the basis for training objectives that give direction to development and facilitate the measurement of the training efforts.

  • Principle of continuing development:

The more an enterprise is committed to managerial excellence, the more it requires that managers practice continuing self development. This principle suggests that in a fast changing and competitive environment, managers cannot stop learning. Instead, they have to update their managerial knowledge continuously, reevaluate their approaches to managing, and improve their managerial skills and performance to achieve enterprise objectives.

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