Six effective Techniques used by professional communicators

Some of the techniques used by professional communicators are:

1. Shock – startle, shake or surprise the audience.
2. Suspense – keeping them guessing.
3. Humor – in language or situation to overcome apathy.
4. Novelty – something new or innovative or creative.
5. Familiarity – keeping audience interest through something known.
6. An inside story – something to do with behind the scene activities.

Visual and other devices – in presentation, like demo, audiovisual, case-studies, and anecdotes. In doing this one must at the same time be careful in selecting appropriate techniques, avoid talking down to the audience, be natural and avoid being condescending towards people. Try and monitor communications.

If it exposes weaknesses it is essential that corrective action be taken. Monitoring must be dependent on feedback received from the audience through formal and informal channels.