Service Functions of Personnel Department in an Organisation


The Personnel Department has to provide personnel procedures and services as an aid to the officers on getting more effective results through the people under them.

Some of the important services provided by the Personnel Department are as follows:

(i) Tapping the sources or recruiting, selecting the best candidates t fill up vacancies through careful and systematic screening and making arrangements for the training of the workers.

(ii) Rating employees according to merit, and devising a system of promotions which does not create dissatisfaction among employees.

(iii) Maintaining disciplines and administering the policies with regard to disciplinary action and discharge of workers.

Determining such basis of payment for remuneration to the employees as would provide incentives to the workers and could be related to the relative  worth of a job in comparison with other jobs. Also assisting the line officers in negotiating the terms of remuneration with the trade unions.

(v) Making proper arrangements for and administering employee’s services including convenience like lunch rooms, rest houses, measures of economic security like retirement, pensions, various forms of insurance and profit-sharing, recreation, counseling on family problems etc.

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