Service Advertising

I would like to ask you a very simple question. What do you mean by services? Well, the following essential points about what constitutes a service are to be remembered.

☞ They are activities, benefits or satisfaction offered for sale
☞ They are Intangible, Inseparable, Variable and Perishable in nature.
☞ Require strict quality control, supplier credibility and adaptability.

Specialized services like consulting; being a doctor even an advertising agency is an example of advertising. They may talk about congenial environment, quickness andSingapore Airlines promptness of service, economy, exclusiveness, and status significance. Hotels and airlines, when advertising their services, attach greater importance to service with a smile, courtesy, thoughtfulness and claim that they offer a home away from home.

Banks also advertise the services that they offer to their clientele, like the personalized banking, computer banking, or maybe just the sheer experience of banking being a pleasure.

Kotak Mahindra
Services like physical goods also use channels to make their output available and accessible, e.g., location of particular hospital to cater to a particular catchment area. Promotion of services also emphasizes the locational aspect. Retail services, which are growing at a good rate use promotion as a major tool. In this respect I want you to think of the advertisement of ICICI bank who have roped in Amitabh Bachchan to be their brand ambassador.

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