Selection mean a process by which qualified personnel can be chosen from the applicants who have offered their services to the organisation for employment. Thus, the selection process is a tool in the hands of the management. Selection involves a series of steps by which candidates are screened for choosing most suitable persons for vacant posts. It is done by evaluation of qualification, experience & other information provided by candidates. The object underlying selection process is eliminated of those judged unqualified to meet job & organisation requirements. Thus it tends to be a negative process as it reject good proportion of those who apply.

  1. Preliminary Screening:-
    1. Receive of application:-
  • Selection process starts with receipt of application by personnel department.
  • Scrutiny:-
    • All applications received are scrutinised to find out whether candidates fulfil minimum academic qualification & other requirements.
  • Preliminary Interview:-
    • It eliminates unqualified candidate
  • Application Blank:-
    • If candidate appears to have some chance of being selected, he is given prescribed application form known as “application Blank.” Application blank is a personal history question are. Application blank consist of following particulars usually. Identifying information such as name, address, age marital status, educational qualification, work experience etc, candidates are usually ask to fill up the application form in their own hand writing.
  • Employment test:-
    • Candidates who meet minimum requirements appear written or oral tests as means of examining suitable for job. The various test include intelligence test aptitude test, trade test, general personality test, psychological test and proficiency est. depending on job requirements. These tests are selected and administered. Some organisation may hold one or more test while some other may not hold test at all. Much depends on policy of top management, nature of jobs and availability of candidates.
  • Selection interview:-
    • It basically consist of conversation between employer and prospective employee. The selectors ask for job related and some general questions and see the response of candidates it helps in assessing candidates strength and a weaknesses. Candidates interact with selector and the letter gets a first hand idea of personality and other qualities of candidates. Candidates also get a chance to seek information about enterprise, nature of the job, prospects of promotion.

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