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The purpose of this course is to develop and understanding of the underlying concepts, strategies and issues involved in the marketing of products and services.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Marketing: Meaning, Elements of marketing, Company orientations towards the marketplace, Demand management

  • The Marketing environment, Concept of Marketing information system and Marketing research

  • Understanding consumer behaviour and Industrial buyers

  • Market segmentation, Targeting and positioning

  • Product decisions -product mix, product life cycle, new product development

  • Pricing methods and strategies

  • Promotion decisions – promotion mix – advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling

  • Channel management -selection, co-operation and conflict management

  • Marketing control and audit

  • Rural marketing in India – origin & present scenario

  • Service Marketing – meaning, characteristics, marketing mix

Suggested Readings

    • Kotler, Philip. Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control.

    • Ramaswamy, V S and Namakumari, S. Marketing Management: Planning, Control. New Delhi, Mac Mill 1990

    • Stanton, William, J. Fundamentals of Marketing

    • Saxena Rajan, Marketing Management

    • Gandhi J.C., Marketing Management

    • Pride, William and Ferrel, Marketing Management

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