The objectives of this course include developing an appreciation of different software and hardware systems available in the industry among the participants and build up the experience of computer usage in business organizations.

Course Contents

  • Computers – an Introduction

    • Role of Computers in Business – Features of computer – Generations of Computer and Languages – Components of Computer System and their functions

  • Software

    • Generations of Languages – Types of Software and their Applications – Operating System

    • Application of MS Office in Business

  • Use of Excel in Business Operations and Decisions

    • Simple features of Spreadsheet – Look up functions – Financial Analysis with spreadsheet – Database features in spreadsheet

  • Use of Word in Business

  • Power Pont for Professional Presentation

  • It for Competitive Advantage

    • Evolution of IT Application in Organizations

    • Organization Impact of IT

    • Need for Developing and IT Strategy

    • Some Frameworks for Developing IT Strategies

    • Illustration of Strategic Use of IT in India

    • Role of Top Management


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