Off the job training and development techniques

The off the job development techniques for managers include case study method; management games; role playing etc.

Case Study method:- Case study method presents a trainee with a written description of an organisational problem. The person then analyzes the case, diagnoses the problem and presents his or her findings and solutions in discussion with other trainees.

Management Games:- With management games trainees are dividend in to give or six persons group, each of which competes with the others in a stimulated marketplace. Management games can be good development tools. People learn best by getting involved, and the games can be useful for gaining such involvement. They help trainee develop their problem solving skills, as well as to focus attention on planning rather than just putting out fires. The group also usually elect their own officers and organize themselves; they can thus develop leadership skills and faster cooperation and team work.

Roll Playing:- The aim of role playing is to create a realistic situation and then have the trainees assume the role of specific persons in that situation. When combined with the general instruction and other roles for the exercise, role playing can trigger spirited discussions among the role player trainees. The aim is to develop trainee’s skills in areas like leadership and delegation.

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