Objectives of Trade Union

Trade Unions are organised for protection and promotion of interests of their members in particular and workers in general. It generally pursue the following broad objectives.
(1) Steady employment:- Steady employment is something which the employer by himself may not be able to guarantee to the workers. Achievement of this aspiration may thus involve workers in political action, through their unions, for maintenance of full employment.

(2) Rationalisation of personnel policies:- The economic security of an employee is determined not only by level of wages and duration of his employment but also by management’s personnel policies – in its selection of employees for lay off, retrenchment, transfer and promotion, the assignment of employees to jobs etc. if these decisions are based on subjective evaluation, there is no security for workers. If such decisions are governed by rules and rational policies, there is greater assurance for fair treatment.

(3) Voice in decisions affecting workers:- workers may successfully pressurise for higher wages workers want to know what his chances are for continued attachment to the company. What is “the success of the company” to him if in transferring the plant, say, from Delhi to Ghaziabad he is laid off? The intervention of trade union in such decisions of management is the only method by which the workers is able to achieve any degree of control over the affairs that concern him.

(4) Recognition and participation:- Another objective that unions seek to achieve is winning recognition for workers that they are equal partners with management in the task of production. It is an intellectual quality that is the intellectual faculties of workers are no inferior to those of management.

(5) Gaining legislative enactments:- To Provide legal sanctions to its demands, the unions attempt to get these framed in form of Acts so that they become permanent features of the contract between employers and workers.

(6) Miscellaneous Services:- Modern trade union also engage in providing educational, medical, recreational and other facilities for development and welfare of their members.

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