Meld Voice, Data and Video

  1. A major trend in the infrastructure for e-business is the convergence of various data and voice transport networks.

  2. Throughout the world, telephone networks, cable TV networks, wireless networks and computer networks are converging into a powerful, unified network based on the internet protocol (IP).

  3. Infrastructure convergence encompasses many mini trends happening simultaneously:

The race to improve last-mile bandwidth

The race to provide quality of service

The race to provide integrated services

The race to dominate the customer home contact point.

  1. The business driver behind infrastructure convergence is service convergence. For example, the recent formation of EnregyOne, a venture that jointly markets phone, security, gas and electric services to homeowners, highlights this growing market for convenience and one-stop shopping.

  1. Telecommunications companies want to offer customers a bundled package of services that includes local and long distance phone services, online services, high speed internet connections, wireless phones, paging etc.

  2. Another business driver behind infrastructure convergence

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