Integrate Enterprise Applications: Connect the Corporation

Integration is the key to unlocking information and making it available to any user, anywhere, anytime.

Why is integration hard?

  1. Most Companies separate their business applications, creating functional specialists: accounting, finance, manufacturing and customer service.

  2. This is divide and conquer: If the job could be defined specifically enough, a specialized application could optimize functions in a particular area.

  3. The assumption was that if all functional links in a company were optimized, the company itself would function at an optimum level.

  4. However, modern business theorists recognize that if a chain of processes is to run at a high-performance level, the individual applications must be tightly linked with other processes around them.

  5. This thinking gives birth to the notion of a connected corporation built on a foundation of well-integrated enterprise application software. Enterprise applications help companies connect disparate systems, provide greater access to information, and more closely link employees, partners and customers.

  6. The future techno-enterprise will be built on a well-integrated set of enterprise software applications. For example, enterprise applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Baan, represent the backbone of the modern corporation.

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