The core of a business is to exceed its customer expectations through assured, motivated and committed employees-capable of executing the functions. They need to realize what is expected of them and have delivery plans aligned with those expectations.

These expectations should be directly linked to exceeding those of the customers. The feedback from the customers helps a business know the customers expectations thus enabling it to implement the strategies and bring about the desired results

“A customer is a king” is more true today than had ever been before. As quality of life improves, demand for better quality services and products also increases.

There are two types of customers: (1) Internal Customers (2) External Customers.

Internal customers are employees of an organization and external customers

are the ones we sell our products/services to.

To serve external customers better, internal customers need to be satisfied

first. If they are satisfied then they will carry forward that satisfaction to external customers. So until and unless we satisfy internal customers , we can’t make our external customers satisfied.