Like other things are controlled management and managerial activities such as decision making, plans and putting them into effect. This type of control ensures the quality of management in terms of preparation of efficient and accomplishable plans, their execution and maximum output with a minimum input.

Management control may be Direct control and Indirect control.


The basis control process has three steps.

1. Establishing standards 2. Measuring performance 3. Correcting deviations

1. Establishing Standards

standards are yardsticks against which actual results are measured and efficiency is determined. Standards are plans which tell us where we should be. Standards may be physical, financial, qualitative or tangible. Standards are usually stated in specific terms but they may also be intangible like the degree of morale goodwill market image and public opinion and attitude.

2. Measuring Performance

Standards are established to measure actual performance. By measuring actual performance against standards we come to know where we are as against we were supposed to be if the standards are objective measurement is objective.

3.Correction of Deviation

the negative difference between where we should have been and where we actually are is controlled. Deviation is corrected controls should facilitate corrective actions.

The manager may e compelled to correct actions by redrawing his plans or by modifying his goals. if controls are forward looking they may indicate weak areas in time stopping further damage.