Local SEO Marketing: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know!

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If you are concerned about the future of your local small business, about the economy, the dying effectiveness of traditional local advertising, and all the other factors that make for a nervous economy…

Then Local SEO Marketing is a great strategy that you MUST implement into your business!

I didn’t say think about it, I said you MUST!

I know that I’m sounding a bit pushy, but I’m really looking out for your best interest.

Since the web is going Mobile and most people search for products and services using their smartphones…

Doesn’t it make sense to hire a marketing firm to engineer an SEO Marketing Strategy that can have your website show up on the first page in the search engine results when someone in your local city looks for what it is that you offer?

The people that use their mobile phones to search for your products and services have cash-in-hand and are ready to make a purchase.

And whom do you think they will contact?

You got it… The business that shows up in the top search engine results.

Here are a few benefits of Local SEO:

  • Your prospects may place more value on a website that they’ve found by using a search engine such as Google that appears in the Top 10 search results versus a Paid AD.
  • Not to mention the fact that they will feel a sense of accomplishment because they’ve found exactly what they were looking for without having to sift through hundreds of sites.
  • Can bring you highly targeted prospects that you can convert into paying clients.
  • If the campaign is engineered and executed properly, will end up being more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods (i.e. Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, and etc…)
  • You can add your website address to your Google Places Page (Free To Claim) and enjoy the benefits of getting visits from your prospects.
  • You can increase the popularity and visibility of your business, by providing great content that your prospects are searching for. As a result, other sites will link to yours. All these links will create little highways to your site, which gives your prospects more ways to find you on the web locally?

Learning SEO Marketing isn’t difficult, it’s just time-consuming.

I’m not discouraging you from learning it, but you must be aware of the many ongoing tasks that you must do in order to maintain a top local search engine position.

Some of the tasks includes Targeted Keyword Research, Article Marketing, RSS Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blog Commenting, Forum Posting, Keeping up-to-date on the latest techniques, tools, strategies, trends, and the list goes on.

Once you get your site to the top of the search engines, you must defend it against your competitors that are fighting for it.

If you’re anything like most small business owners, you barely have enough time to run your daily operations… Let alone learn all the SEO Marketing stuff.

A word of caution: If you plan on learning and applying Local SEO to your website on your own, you must be very careful not to implement tactics that can get you banned from the search engines, because if that happens…

You’ll have to register a new domain because search engines such as Google will remove your website from their indexes so that when someone searches for your site, it will not show up.

The benefits of implementing a Local SEO Marketing campaign into your business is plentiful.

If you didn’t know anything about Local SEO Marketing, you do now!

I highly suggest that you get started now before your smart competitors catch on and give you a run for your money.

Another reason to get started ASAP is because Local SEO is still in the beginning phase, but once more and more local small businesses discover this goldmine…

Like every other great opportunity, the competition will become fierce.

So, don’t wait to take action, do it ASAP!

I’m not into hype or putting pressure on people, I’m just here to
inform you of what’s coming in the future so that you can prepare your
business to profit from the current Market Trends and avoiding pitfalls.

I hope that I’ve given you another perspective on Marketing your local small

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