Knowledge Management Framework – Level 3: Grouping of knowledge

Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy: Individual, Collective and Organizational Learning Processes (Knowledge Reader)This level would involve the proper grouping of all the knowledge accumulated during level 2. Knowledge can be classified in the following groups: Individual Group/Project/Corporate.

Individual Knowledge: Acquisition of knowledge would involve the following, search, filter, integrate, capture, store, validate and personalize the entire process. It would also let the user learn, analyze, interpret, comment, evaluate, explore and classify the intellectual asset of the person.

Groups/Project Knowledge: Individualistic knowledge to be integrated with the group. What counts here are the integration, management and recording capability of the group knowledge. Each individual should be competent enough to know what’s happening in his/her group.

Continuity Management: Preserving Corporate Knowledge and Productivity When Employees LeaveCorporate knowledge: This would cover the knowledge of the organization, policies, practices, market trends, industry trends and the like, integration of external sources in the knowledge base. Monitor, comment and synchronize the entire process of the organizational knowledge. At the end of this level, all these three groups are to be in sync with each other. Attention should also to be given to peer groups, inter-group coordination, intra-group coordination, training program, organization process, and organization process focus. This level should also ensure that the process is based on a common, organization-wide understanding of the activities, roles, and responsibilities in a defined process.