Human Factors And Motivation

Motivation :

Motivation pertains to various drives , desires , needs , wishes and other forces .


Forces that induce individuals to act or perform . Forces that influence human behavior.

Theories of Motivation

There are different theories of motivation.

Theory X Assumptions:

Assumptions about the nature of people as suggested by Douglas McGregor:-

  1. People dislike work and will avoid if they can ;

  2. People must be coerced , controlled , directed and threatened with punishment to get achievement of organizational objectives ;

  3. Wish to avoid responsibility , have relatively little ambition and want security above all .

Theory Y Assumptions:

Theory y suggests :-

  1. The expenditure of physical and mental effort in work is as natural as play or rest ;

  2. External control and the threat of punishment are not for producing efforts. People will exercise self-directions and self-control ;

  3. Proportionality in degree of commitment and in size of the rewards ;

  4. To learn for seeking knowledge;

  5. High degree of imagination;

  6. Potentialities of the average person are only partially utilized.

Hierarchy Of Needs :

Maslow’s theory that basic human needs exist in our ascending order of importance and that once a lower –level need is satisfied , actions appealing to it cease to motivate.

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